Really? Not a single person paid for any of my stuff? For reelz? Sigh. Oh well, for anyone out there, the ipod is still available. But act fast, because you never know when/if someone will buy it, and then you’ll be disappointed (or maybe excited) to get the flashlight.

But i’ll tell you what…just to be fair and stimulate some sales…the first 8 people to buy something (not including whoever gets the ipod), will get a free movie ticket as well.  I’ve got a handfull of movie passes that i don’t mind handing out, just to ease your nerves about sending me your $20.

How’s that?

And btw — I was out on the prowl this weekend for some tail. But I had just about as much luck with the ladies as I did at selling my ipod.  Day 4 of this entire project and I’ve made $0, and am still a virgin.  Sigh.


…As you rock out to your brand new ipod! yeah you will!!

UPDATE: It’s 3:21pm, just got back from lunch and no one seems to want to buy. What’s up with that? 135 visitors, but not a single dime. You people are no fun.

This is the Blog Kick-off item and THE ONLY TIME you will ever know what is up next on the list of my possessions.  But hurry, because I only have one ipod, and as soon as someone grabs that, the next person to send in their dough will get what’s NEXT on the list. And the next person will get the next item…and so on and so forth until I run out of stuff (Ok. I give in. After the iPod is gone, the next item is a flashlight. Maybe worth $20. but that’s i’ll i’m saying).

I expect an e-mail back from whoever it is that gets the iPod, so I can post it so the world can read what you had to say about your new portable sound making  device.

Anyway… here are the specs for the first item.  Wait for it…

It’s my 40gig Video iPod! Fully loaded with a couple thousand songs, a spanish audio tutorial, a self help audio book, a couple movies, and some how, i’m not sure how it happened, but someone put a couple naughty movies on there too. Whoever did that should be ashamed of him…or herself. (Cut me some slack, I’ve been celibate for over 20 years!!)  It also comes with the earphones.

Anyway…retail value is like $20,000, and you can get it for $20 right now!

But hurry. So…friggin…exciting.

To buy an item, for only $20, go to the “Buy It” page and click on the link, or…


get your ipods...only $20!! Hurry, or you might end up with an old spiderman mask.

get your ipods...only $20!! Hurry, or you might end up with an old spiderman mask.

Awww…you hear that everyone? That’s the sound of nothing at all happening. Because…nobody even knows this blog exists yet.  Enjoy the peace and quiet before it gets all crazy with the sounds of cash registers going off and money being counted. According to my calculations I only have to sell 50,000 things to be a millionaire.

I guess being single and lonely gives me more time to work on stuff like this right? I’m better off. Right? Stay tuned, i’m about to open the fire sale on all my goods.  I’ll make item #1 something pretty good — somethingtotally worth $20.